My Handmade Gift Guide

There’s something truly special about having something that was created by a designer. In a world where mass produced is the norm, I’m always thankful for designers, their innovative ideas and the uniqueness of their products. I’ve rounded up a collection of my favorite designer pieces from Please Don’t Tell just in time for the holidays! Remember that by buying a designer piece you are not only standing out but also helping a starting business to thrive.

  1. Pajaro Limon mermaid bracelet or necklace $35

I love all of Pajaro Limon pieces, every single one is a statement piece. Most have a gold filling of 18k so prices can go a little high, however, I must say that this little mermaid bracelet is perfect to gift and you don’t even have to think about packaging! Click Here to Shop

2. Annie The Alchemist T-Shirts $34.00

These are not only made in Miami (if you are looking for something special from the city) they are also designed with the best intentions by Annie The Alchemist (The Fashion Poet). We sell out every week, people absolutely love the boyfriend fit, the quality materials, the amazing price and the fact that every single one comes with a very positive message! Click Here to shop her collection.

3. Lauren Arboleda’s Pregnancy From The Heart Book $45

This is a beautiful book to gift a soon to be mommy. The book is a very visual handbook on everything pregnancy and It even includes some delicious recipes and yoga workout routines. With this book you won’t need any other pregnancy book, plus, the super cute visuals are pure eye candy. Click here to shop

4. Uma Jewelry from $98.00 +

If you are the kind of person that loves statement pieces, then these are for you, Uma are filigrana earrings made in Colombia with raw stones and 24k gold filling. They are bestsellers at our boutique, people love their unique designs and beautiful craftmanship. Click here to shop

4. Magic Carpet Yoga Mats

I simply love these yoga mats, since the first moment I lay eyes on them when they were sold at Anthropologie, I knew I wanted to carry them at my store. These are hand-painted, and designed with gorgeous patterns! The best part? We have the baby size as well, so you can practice mommy and me yoga with your little one! Click Here to shop

Hope you guys loved it! And that this little list encourages you to look for more special, locals gifts this holidays season!



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