Outfit Ideas: French Riviera Chic

Riviera Ready.jpg
We have a current obsession: crop tops, high waisted bell bottoms and oversized cesta bags! Paired together with statement earrings (ours are super light, and trust me, that’s an important fact.) and you are ready for the Riviera!!! (No worries, no tickets necessary!)
Read on for some important fact about the making of your clothes:
– The Crop de la Crop top is a favorite at our Aventura Mall pop up. By Ajaie Alaie, this top is not only made from eco consciously, it also is ethically made. All of Ajaie Alaie pieces carry a magnet meant to align your chakras.
– The Fan earrings, are super light, but perfect to make a statement. Handmade ethically in Colombia, these earrings are a must if you want to tap into the statement earrings trend, but can’t stand heavy pieces or are more of a classics kind of girl.
– Our Cesta bag, is the perfect summer companion! Very oversized it truly can fit all your beach and summer essentials.
– The Sky blue pants: Perfect fabric, perfect fit. Need we say more?
Use the code: POPUP for 20% off while we relocate to our new pop up location at the Aventura Mall

Y tú, qué opinas?

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