Stylist Newsletter: All About Sustainability

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I’ve been going through a transition to make Please Don’t Tell into a sustainable, eco conscious and ethically-made only website and store. Although it has been a little hard, competing with prices, and other issues that arise when you decide to transform a brand, I feel like I have a responsibility to the planet that I’m leaving my children. The decision is done, we are working towards a sustainable brand, it might take months, but we will be green.

In order to find more sustainable designers, boutiques and more, I headed to NYC with two of my best friends (who happen to be amazing ethical and Eco conscious designers) and decided with them we were going to help each other find the best resources and ways to transform our brands into sustainable brands.

sustainability in fashion Latin american designers boom

The trip was and amazing learning experience for sustainability, but the absolute highlight, was actually getting to know the people who are going to make our collection a possibility. Our own collection will be ready to buy on our site starting September 2018. The collection will be ethically made in a factory in India that employs sustainable and eco conscious methods, working in traditional Indian techniques. In addition all the fabrics are chosen in an eco-conscious way, thinking of resources and materials that are not harmful to us or the environment. I will talk more about each fabrics later on but in general, a collection that is designed thinking of the planet, avoiding mass production, waste and human rights violations, in my mind, the right way to make fashion.

Lastly, we are introducing very soon our new reusable bags! This will avoid the use of single use plastic (or paper) which is so destructive to the planet. Our bags will be launched very soon, also ethically made in India, from eco conscious waste fabrics.

My trip to NYC was so important. Sharing with other amazing women the power and important duty we have to protect earth was simply inspiring, meeting directly with the people who will be making our clothes, talking with them about sustainable options and coming up with solutions to the fast fashion alternatives was truly a special moment.

Can’t wait to show you more!


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