Why I Picked These 5 Pieces At My Store

Please Don’t Tell is full of one of a kind pieces which to the fashionista are a second skin. Since fashion is a form of expression, there are a lot of times when I’m questioned about the pieces I choose or how I choose them. There’s no process, just a form of instinct that simply knows what people might like, but like art, there’s also a story behind most pieces that we curate. Here are 5 pieces from the store and the secret stories behind why I picked them:

roberto Earrings 1

  • Guacamaya Earrings: When I was a little girl I had a finca, which is a form of estate,  in Colombia. We had lots of animals there, including four rescued macaws. I still remember approaching them and admiring their beauty, which can become obvious in Colombia, a country considered one of the richest in biodiversity. The macaws eventually recovered and became part of the family. One stood out, his name was Roberto and he was very funny in a lot of ways. He loved to drink hot chocolate, he would chase us everywhere and spent time inside of the house, he acted like one of the dogs, and didn’t get along with other macaws. When I got a hold of  Jetlagmode’s earrings they brought back lots of memories, I had to have them at my store.SBAG_TEAL_BIRD_02_2048x2048
  • Every Baggu bag there is: I recently went to New York City and spent lots of time with my friend from school, Ajaie Alaie (You can read about the experience here). I was very inspired by her and all the New Yorkers who seem to have a better understanding on sustainability than us here in Miami. They carry reusable bags everywhere, the thought of buying a plastic bottle wouldn’t even cross their minds, and most of them spend less, buy less, consume less. Daniella introduced me to Baggu and I haven’t used a plastic bag since. They are super stylish (you can pick cool patterns that go with your outfits) they can carry 50  pounds, and the best part is that you can pack them inside your purse and never forget them at home (like we usually do with all reusable bags) It’s a product that I’m very proud to be carrying at my store. image_2e71e61f-b8fe-4c1c-820f-469f8b253a71_1024x1024
  • The Simona beret: I’ve always said that if you are going to own a hat, or wear a hat, it has to be a well made one made from high quality materials by actual hat makers. Sure you’ll spend a little more, but it will be a piece that lasts for decades. When i saw the Simona beret I fell in love. It’s made from felted wool (the good stuff) and it was made in the Basque region of Spain, an area that traditionally has been known for making the hats. An ultimate fashion statement, but properly made for people who truly love to own precious statement pieces. BAISER-BEAUTYFESTO-BODY-OIL_1280x1280
  • Baiser Beautyfesto Oil: I’m crazy about anything with roses, flowers or that screams femininity. I’ve worn a roses perfume forever, and I even wanted to name one of my daughters Rosa (rose in spanish). So it was a total no brainer that when the girls at Baiser shown me the body oil, I instantly fell in love. The smell is pretty floral, but not overwhelming, and I swear there’s something about it that really does make your femininity explode! I use this after my shower, in small quantities, and sometimes, if the day is too hot use a tiny bit as perfume. image_56381228-fea5-4d16-87fc-fb56f0877870_1024x1024
  • Anything that alings my chakras: As many of you guys know, we carry lots of pieces from Ajaie Alaie, which feature magnets and chakra oriented designs. I’m not very familiar with the subject, I just know that there’s something about these pieces that create a calming aura in me. I’ve always been a very anxious person, so sometimes little reminders to be calm, or open my heart, or relax, really help. I wear Ajaie Alaie pieces a lot, love them for that subtle elegance, because as a stylist and buyer, sometimes I really do become overwhelmed with trends, and want to wear simple and elegant clothes instead…

Y tú, qué opinas?

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