My September Journal

I was very inspired by a recent trend that I have seen become very popular among bloggers, and that is journaling. I have always been a big fan of taking a notebook and writing my happenings, so this seems like the perfect way to have you guys know me better. Here it is, my first monthly journal…

Let me begin by saying that we had a month full of Jewish holidays non-stop! Every Monday and Tuesday for a month we had Jewish holidays. It’s very hard for an entrepreneur to stop working, but the Jewish Holidays are a beautiful way to disconnect and slow down in this fast paced world we live in. I have learned to take every single moment as an opportunity for growth and September was a month to reinvent myself and the store.

The cons of the Jewish holidays If I must name a thing, is that our sales lowered, which is strange since August was the best month of the year! Anyways, initially I was nervous, but I actually took this as the perfect opportunity to re-decorate the store and bring in more amazing merchandise! I had my husband give me honest feedback, which sometimes can feel painful but at the end is always the best advice! I also brought in a lot of plants to give life and good vibes to the store! Immediately we saw an increase on sales which is a great lesson to me: there’s two ways to confront adversity, the first one is to complain and take it in with negativity, which usually can’t bring change. The second way to confront adversity is by looking at ourselves and asking what can we gain or how can we improve from adversity? That usually brings change and change is usually positive.

Another great thing was that I got to have a weekend getaway with my husband in Minneapolis. I must say that I was very surprised at the beauty of the city. We had amazing food, found beautiful shops and rested submerged in nature. I also got a chance to visit Mall Of America and  shop free of taxes… a simply amazing little trip for which I will post my little guide soon.

September was a month of instrospection, I realized how little I was exploiting my creativity. I started to miss a time where we didn’t have phones and wasted insane amounts of time looking at a black screen. I started to think how fun it was and how much more creative I felt. The trip to Minneapolis made me realize that I miss having my free time to just relax and do nothing. The last year I have worked so hard, and I’m desperately needing some ME time.


Y tú, qué opinas?

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