Please Don’t Tell Girl is an expansion of my online store (www.pleasedonttellshop.com) and boutique. I wanted to communicate with my followers my sources of inspiration and what I love, my business struggles and successes, and more personal aspects of myself, like motherhood, relationships and even food! As an extension of my boutique, the focus is fashion, but also the lifestyle behind Please Don’t Tell.

My Story

I started in fashion when I was 15, I took some courses at ESMOD in Paris, and eventually moved to NYC to study at Parsons (Fashion Design) I always regretted studying design, I feel like either you know fashion or you don’t, and honestly, I would have learned more studying marketing, business or even PR.  While in NYC I did some amazing internships for great designers, Catherine Malandrino, Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren and even James Demolet. I have to admit, I hated working for other people, and found it extremely annoying and boring to wake up every day and go to work at the same place. When I moved to Miami (for love) I knew I wanted to create my own thing, I then opened my own clothing line which won many awards, including designer of the year 2015 for Miami Fashion Week.

Eventually I grew tired of it, I felt like it was very personal to put my designs out there, I also became pregnant with my first daughter Naomi, I was just not into it. I moved on to open my website, and sell clothes online, the business grew and I was able to open my first store! We plan on expand in the near future, and I couldn’t be prouder of this project.

I hope that this pages serve you as inspiration. Whether you want to change your style, complete a project or simply are looking for a cute recipe for your kids. Thank you for reading me!



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