Why I Keep My Jewelry Displayed Like A Store

One of the things that people love the most about Please Don’t Tell it’s all the different displays, I’m always told our store feels inspiring. I love to see how people spend time looking and hunting for pieces that truly mean something to them. Seeing how people react to my displays, has inspired me to create more romantic spaces at home.

As you know from my previous posts, I’ve been going through slow house transformation. It started with my room, you can read more about it here.  And although it has taken me a while, I’m very happy every time I complete a little project. This time I set to organize my jewelry, I wanted to display it like I do in my store: visible, organized, and inspiring.

Here are some cute ideas that I’m using at home, these help me keep everything on the same place, but also visible. I organized earrings, pins and hair pins in velvet tapes. This is great even for traveling… take a look below and leave me your comments…

DIY Jewelry


I love to use gold mirror boxes, I use them around the store and my home as well. It helps me to have clear glass to make quick decisions on what to wear in the mornings without having to look for specific pieces for hours. You can buy these at West Elm.



I created this little feminine corner with a pink quartz (my favorite stone), the beautifesto book which I love to to read again and again, and my favorite candle with the roses scent from Ralph Lauren. This is a little corner that reminds me to be grounded and in touch with myself. 

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All of these small changes are definitely helping me create a space that feels more inspiring (which is great now that I’m back at designing and creating)  I’m not going to lie, it has taken a while to make these small changes, but every time, I feel like I’m surrounded by only things that I need and that I like, no extra baggage, makes room for a more inspiring life. It’s a mentality that I’m trying to carry not only for the things that surround me, but also for the people, feelings and situations in my life.

I hope you like these and find inspo to create your little feminine corners all around!




My Room Makeover

Recently, my space felt really overwhelming and disorganized, it just didn’t feel like myself. I decided enough is enough, and within a weekend I did some simple changes that completely transformed my space. Not too expensive, and something you can definitely pull off yourself! Take a peek at the before and after photos below! And details on how to DIY.


A couple of months ago, I decided to paint the room with Benjamin Moore’s China white, and choose a gorgeous floral wallpaper inspired by Marie Antoinette (one of my favorite historical figures). The room didn’t receive lots of love afterwards, but adding the wallpaper instantly added a touch of glamour.


I then added a little metallic basket from Anthropologie to put all my knitting projects, that way they are not floating around. And it creates a nice and personal space for my stuff.

carolina benoit room decor

I added a little feminine corner, a pink quartz, which is said to open ones heart, and the baiser beautyfesto book, and a Voluspa mokara candle, my favorite scent. Adding personal details gives the room a little personality, the key is not to overdue it to the point it looks disorganized and hectic.

Carolina Benoit room decor

I keep a trinket tray by my nightstand, (lots of book) and the Baiser beauty oil, which I like to put in my hands right before going to bed.


My bed definitely needed a makeover. Before, I only had a comforter and two pillows. I looked pretty simple.  I wanted to really create a more beautiful space, so I added some pink velvet touches and pillows and a quilt with texture to create a more comfy and romantic look.


The last thing I did was restore this piece of furniture with my friend from @divicreacion. Since the day I bought it I always felt it looked very fake and the color was not right against my decor. It just felt completely out of place. I loved the concept of having a bunch of drawers, but not the color (see the last picture) So together with @divicrecion we designed and restored this piece using as inspiration the knobs from Anthropologie. The process took 3 days and now I feel like my room really does feel like my own!

Any thoughts? Take a look at the before and after and let me know 🙂