Sustainability Wednesday: 5 Products That Help You Use Less

If you read me, you know I had a big change recently regarding the environment. It has always been in me, but for some reason I was sucked in into a different person than my true self. I had become very consumerist, and mindless in a way. They say that your true self always shines through, and even though I was becoming more and more successful with the store, inside of my heart I felt that I needed to make my store sustainable or I wouldn’t be completely happy with it. However, like all transition to old habits, its not that easy…

Firstly, adjusting to new habits can be a challenge; I bet you, like me, forget to take your reusable bags with you (I mean, who doesn’t?) Secondly, and very sadly, the U.S is not very environmentally conscious, so the system is set up in a way that it’s very easy for you to fail: Plastic everywhere, high paced life, disposable everything, cheap everything, I could go on… add kids to the equation and sustainability becomes more of an ancient challenge in your mind. In the spirit of helping someone who like me might not want to continue to destroy the planet mindlessly, here are some products that help you consume less:


  1. The reusable straw: I always ask waiters to bring my kids a normal cup, not a plastic cup, sometimes they know a mess is coming their way, and I know that too… However, avoiding the plastic straw sometimes seems impossible. I realized, even if I didn’t want to, sometimes I ended up using one. That’s when I decided I needed a reusable straw: comes in Amazon to save us! Love These because they are stylish and because with 8 of them, I’m sure I’ll manage to avoid straws for myself, and the whole family! SBAG_TEAL_BIRD_02_2048x2048
  2. The Reusable Bag That You Actually Re-use: My friend introduced me to Bagguu and it was love at first sight. First of all, you get to actually carry one thousand things in it, I’m not kidding, these are huge! They are very light weight and they fold in a square, perfect to carry with you anywhere. They are also stylish, I carry 3-5 in my bag, and use then according to my outfits. What I love the most, is that they are so light weight I carry them in my bag without even noticing. xotchilt-transitionalskirt-cropdelacrop-4Photo courtesy of Ajaie Alaie
  3. Mesh Bags: These are lifesavers when grocery shopping. I’m not going to lie, I tend to forget these a lot but I do give them other uses. The mesh bag is perfect to keep produce, wash delicate lingerie, and I even use them as ziplock bags! The best part is that once you get into the habit of carrying these with you, you avoid the nasty lightweight supermarket bag to put your produce in. I never bought this, because I shop so much in Ajaie Alaie, and every single one of their products comes packed in those… but if you need them asap, you can buy them on Amazon. american-beauty-gif
  4. Reusable Cutlery: I eek at the thought of disposable cutlery. It’s one of those single use items that truly breaks my heart, you eat in 20 minutes, and then the fork sits on this earth for more than 200 years. Channel your inner frenchy and bring your cutlery with you everywhere! I use mine all the time, and I’m will always surprised at how much disposable forks I used to use in a week. You can buy them on Amazon as well. Click Here for mineNMHBFK1_mu
  5. The reusable water bottle/mug: My favorite bottle is the S’well, it keeps water cold for 24 hours or liquids hot for 12! and it has an easy to clean design, love this one because I can use it for coffee, or water… The best part? you’ll see how much money you’ll save once you start using a reusable bottle/mug. Love how stylish it looks, and all the colors it comes in!

Like all transitions, this one is not easy, but once you get a hang of it, you’ll love your new  eco friendly self 🙂 Hope this products help you reduce your waste ❤

Fostering Creativity On My Kids





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When my girls were born, it mesmerized me how clean we come into the world and how every single day shapes us. From the moment we are born conditioning starts to happen and it can either damage or flourish our creativity. As a creative person, and someone who appreciates art, I’ve focused a lot of my energy in awakening a very important aspect of creativity: curiosity.

The girls were naturally curious, and I quickly realized how adults around me, and even friends were kick to stop the girls’ curiosity in an effort to protect them from dangers. unknowingly they were stopping a very natural and fun process that we can only have when we are kids. These are the ways I foster creativity on my kids, my methods are non conventional for a millennial but I feel like although sometimes I’m strongly criticized, my instinct tells me I’m right:

  1. I allow a mess: I allow my kids to paint on the walls, I allow them to paint themselves, I allow them to paint their dolls, I allow them to play with food and to use my makeup. Funny thing is, they paint the wall once or twice, then they are not interested and go for the papers. I’m not saying I allow them to destroy everything, but I do let them freely explore with art.
  2. I encourage outdoor activities daily: I usually have to take a very active role when we are outside, which after work can be a little tiring, but my girls love it. We do butterfly hunts where we have to count how many butterflies we see, or we collect leaves, we spy on snails. It might seem silly, but by doing so they are learning to be mindful and by default, I am too!
  3. I encourage them to dress themselves and choose their clothes: Naomi usually chooses her own outfits. Sure sometimes they are horrible, but she expresses herself through fashion. She probably likes something that you are not seeing because of your own conditioning. flowery pants with striped glittery shoes and a rainbow of colors? bring them on.
  4. As babies I allowed a lot of freedom: My older relatives were against me with most of my parenting choices, but the hardest for them was to let my kids roam freely. I’m not going to lie, it was scary. For example I allowed my babies to open and close drawers, knowing that it will come a day they will scream in pain at a hurt finger. But results were magical, if they made a mistake, they quickly learned and never tried again. I was always silently watching, keeping them safe, but allowing them to explore freely.
  5. I involve my kids in my favorite activities: I love to paint, knit, work… and I have always involved my kids in everything I do. Sometimes they show interest sometimes they don’t. Showing them my work-space, what I do, makes them try to emulate, almost as if they were inspired by what I showed them. To this day, Naomi puts her clothes on the floor and creates little outfits, just like I do for my store’s instagram page. That’s really cute.
  6. I don’t force them into activities: Naomi was doing amazingly in ballet, the teacher kept telling me she was a natural. I personally had a childhood frustration, I loved ballet, but could never practice. However, Naomi was miserable before and after class, she hated how strict it was. I quickly realized it was not for her. Same with Frida, I love to walk barefoot on the grass, but when I did that with Frida she quickly jumped on me and started crying, our kids deserve to be heard when they say No.
  7. I’m not big on rules: Sure there are rules at home, but we are pretty relaxed and go with the flow. sometimes it gets hectic, but to a child it also feels liberating to not hear no all the time. There are very important rules, that we never break, but our days consist of measured happy freedom.

I hope you could relate to some of these! and if you have more tips comment below! Would love to hear more!

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5 Ways I’m Getting My Life Back On Track

Before I was a mom I was convinced that I was the busiest person in the world, now I can only LOL at the thought of me being “busy” back then! 3 years and 2 kids later (toddler and baby) I barely find time for myself. I have always been a type B personality, and if a type Z personality existed I would be it. Here are a few examples of how clueless and messy I can be: